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234 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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‘Glazing stop’ is used

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Which one of the following is NOT a basic principle of designing people-friendly urban built environment?

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SWOT analysis is used for examining a situation’s inherent

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The deflection of a two way slab is primarily a function

(A) of the long span

(B) of the short span

(C) mostly of the long span, sometimes short span

(D) independent of the long or short span

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A painting in a living room needs to be lighted at 250 lux. If the light is incident normally on the painting from a distance of 6 m, then the intensity of light source required (in candela) is

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Total land area for a plotted housing development project is 50.0 hectare, of which, area under community facilities, common open spaces and roads are 9%, 10 %, and 16 % respectively. Total number of saleable plots of 250 m² each will be

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A 6m long beam is fixed at its left end and is free at its right end. If a concentrated load of 25kN acts downwards at 4m from the left end, then the bending moment (in kNm) at the left end is

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