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235 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Match the schemes in Group I with their specific targets in Group II

Group IGroup II
P. JNNURM1. Urban Amenities for Rural Areas
Q. IAY2. Infrastructure and Slum Upgradation
R. PURA3. Rural Employment
S. NREGA4. Land Acquisition
 5. Housing for BPL families

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A classroom of 12m x 25m x 4m requires 3 air changes per hour. At an air velocity of 2 m/s, the necessary duct cross section (in m²) is

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If the original cost of a building is Rs. 25,00,000/- and its scrap value after 55 years is Rs.25,000/-, then its annual depreciation (in Rs.) using straight line method is

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For a pin jointed steel truss system, which of the following statements is TRUE?

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Match the books in Group I with their authors in Group II

P. Space, Time and Architecture1.      Jane Jacob
Q.Form, Space and Order2.      Kevin Lynch
R.The Death and Life of Great American Cities3.      Ian McHarg
S.The Image of the City Ching4.      Francis D K
  5.      Gideon S

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Match the concepts in Group I with the personalities in Group II

Group I Group II
P. Linear City1. Le Corbusier
Q. Radiant City2. Paolo Soleri
R. Garden City3. Louis Kahn
S. Arcology4. Soria Y Mata
 5. Ebenezer Howard

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Match the map in Group I with the scale in Group II

Group IGroup II
P. Site Plan1. 1: 4000
Q. Perspective Plan2. 1: 1000000
R. Master Plan3. 1: 500
S. Zonal Plan4. 1: 20000
 5. 1: 2000

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