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240 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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A value of x that satisfies the equation log x + log (x – 7) = log (x + 11) + log 2 is

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A smuggler has 10 capsules in which five are filled with narcotic drugs and the rest contain the original medicine. All the 10 capsules are mixed in a single box, from which the customs officials picked two capsules at random and tested for the presence of narcotic drugs. The probability that the smuggler will be caught is

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The documents expose the cynicism of the government officials – and yet as the media website reflects, not a single newspaper has reported on their existence.

Which one of the following inferences may be drawn with the greatest accuracy from the above passage?

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Capital Town of Gandhi Nagar has been designed by

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Rajiv Awas Yojana of Ministry of Housing, Government of India addresses housing for

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