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248 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Match the instruments in Group I with their corresponding functions in Group II

Group I                       Group II
P. Hygrometer              1. Precipitation
Q. Disdrometer                         2. Vapour Pressure
R. Anemometer            3. Solar Radiation
S. Manometer               4. Relative Humidity
5. Velocity of Air

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Match the features in Group I with the corresponding types of garden in Group II

Group I                                                                                   Group II
P. Symmetrical layout, water cascades, entombment                  1. French gardens
Q. Radial Layout, symmetrical sculpture, boulevards                 2. English gardens
R. Occult Symmetry, pontoon bridges, stepping stones              3. Chinese gardens
S. Hierarchy of Courts, hierarchy of gates, zoomorphic forms     4. Mughal gardens
5. Japanese gardens

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Arrange the following sense of enclosures in a hierarchy of decreasing order.

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Match the elements of Group I with their corresponding type in Group II

Group I                                   Group II
P. Fire Hydrant                         1. Street Furniture
Q. Planter Beds                         2. Street Hardware
R. Letter Box
S. Traffic Signs
T. Lamp Posts

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In a Construction project Schedule A is the first activity. Activities B and C follow A. Activity D follows B & C. Activity E Follows C. Activity F Follows D & E.


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