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In economics the input falls into which of the following?

  1. Natural resources
  2. Labour
  3. Capital
  4. Technology

Of these

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In the case of 'air pollution' when a factory emits smoke that harms the local people and damages their health & property and yet the firms does not pay for these costs.

The above effect is called

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Identify the correct sequence of steps involved in project cost-benefit analysis.

Use codes to give correct answer.

  1. Specification of the project
  2. Evaluation of costs & benefits
  3. Listing cost elements & benefit elements
  4. Discounting the future to Its present value

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Which is the discount rate which makes its net present value equal to zero?

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"Development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations, to meet their own needs." What is this development called?

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Among the following, who are the main contributors to provide houses in urban area?

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In rural housing development, one of the following agencies plays a major role in extending financial loans to the rural folk. What is that agency called?

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