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295 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Hogarth’s Line of Beauty is a ___________.

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As per the Handbook of Professional Documents 2015, Council of Architecture, India, architects are liable ___________.

[A] If the building is used for any other purpose than the one for which it was designed

[B] If any unauthorised changes or illegal modifications are made by the owner(s)/occupant(s)

[C] If the client suffers damage/loss due to lack of proper professional service

[D] If the architect fails to attain the standard of care as prescribed by law

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In traditional Persian context, qanat system refers to

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Which of the following is/are classified as the Principles of Universal Design?

[A] Perceptible Information

[B] Tolerance for Error

[C] Occult Balance

[D] Simple and Intuitive Use

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In an ideal air-conditioning cycle shown below, which of the following statement(s) is/are true in the segments P, Q, R, S?

[A] P: Vapour at low pressure

[B] Q: Vapour at low pressure

[C] R: Liquid at high pressure

[D] S: Liquid-Vapour mixture at low pressure

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