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299 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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The principle of Eminent Domain is the power to

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In a multi-storied building, the type of plumbing system suitable for reusing the sullage for nonpotable use is

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ArchiCAD, Auto Desk Revit, Digital Project Designer (CATIA) and Vector Works Architect are examples of

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Which of the following trees has a columnar form?

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Match the terminologies in Group- I with their description in Group- II

Group –I   Group- II
(P)       Prunning1. Cutting of trees
(Q)      Felling2. Removing broken branches from trees for better growth
(R)       Hoeing3. Maintaining moisture content in soil by a protective layer
(S)       Mulching4. Indiscrimate cutting of branches to reduce all size of a tree
 5. Loosening the ground to remove weeds

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