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93 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Ebenezer Howard's Garden City was based on the concept of Three Magnets. The three magnets were:

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In computer programming, IBM's IESSL (Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library) consists of routines that are designed for parallel processors. These are callable from several programming languages. Such routines are included in software packages for:

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Microsoft Office offers a wide range of applications and programs, which of the following is NOT a Microsoft Office application or program?

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In the process of making development plan, economic profile of a region is classified in which categories?

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To implement Development Plans, various mechanisms to assemble and/or develop land for public purpose are used. Which of the following is NOT a land assembly mechanism ?

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For preparation of a base map for a Development Plan, Thematic GIS databases are available on Bhuvan. The scale of the data sets ranges from:

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Which Category of Projects does not require Environmental Impact Assessment report in accordance with the Indian EIA notification, 2006?

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