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94 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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As per eco-sensitive zone guidelines 2011 of Ministry of Environment and Forest, establishment of hotel and resorts in protected area will be considered as

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Sampling methods adopted by surveyor during transport planning include:

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The planning regions could be classified under three heads, which are:

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URDPFI guidelines prescribes planning standards for Urban areas. As per URDPFI, what is the prescribed population threshold of the smallest planning unit where convenience shopping, open space, anganwadi and milk booth are minimum infrastructure provision ?

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The per capita water supply standard as indicated by the CPHEEO for cities with piped water supply and where sewerage system is existing is:

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The term ISWM, in the context of infrastructure planning, refers to:

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Agglomeration economies can be either pecuniary or technological. Which of the following characterizes agglomeration economy?

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