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162 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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From the following cost components of a building construction project which is not a direct cost combination?
P. Labour cost
Q. Equipment cost
R. Material cost
S. Establishment cost
T. Supervision cost

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Match the elements in Group I with the structures in Group II

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Match the AutoCAD command in Group I with their functions in Group II

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Match the bridges in Group I with their structure type in Group II
Group I Group II
P. Harbour Bridge, Sydney                           1. Simply Supported
Q. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco       2. Cable Stayed
R. Howrah Bridge, Kolkata                           3. Arch
S. Millau Viaduct, Millau                               4. Suspension
5. Cantilever

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The arithmetic average value of the sound absorption coefficient for a specific material and particular mounting condition for four frequencies is

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Match the features in Group I with their architectural periods in Group II

Group I                                 Group II
P. Caryatids                         1. Roman
Q. Hypocaust                      2. Gothic
R. Pylons                              3. Greek
S. Lofty Pinnacles              4. Egyptian
5. Romanesque

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Match the following terminologies in Group I with their descriptions in Group II

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