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Architecture and Planning Quiz


163 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Assuming full compaction, strength of concrete is inversely proportional to

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Match the terms in Group I with their examples in Group II

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Match the books in Group I with their authors in Group II

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Group I Group II
P. Gulmohar 1. DalbergiaSissoo
Q. Palash 2. FicusBenghalensis
R. Indian Mahogany 3. DelonixRegia
S. Banyan 4. ToonaCiliata
5. Butea Monosperma

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Associate the plans in Group I with the options in Group II

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Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence.

Theprincipal presented the chief guest with a ……………….as token of appreciation.

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Choose the appropriate word/phrase, out of the four options given below, to complete the following sentence:


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