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170 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Match the Planning Terms in Group –I with their Descriptions in Group –II

Group -IGroup –II
P. Gentrification1.    Haphazard and low density outward growth of urban area
Q. Urban core2.    primarily dormitory revitalization settlement with functional dependency on parent city
R. Urban sprawl3.    Replacement of low income residents with high income population
S. Satellite town4.    Physical and socioeconomic revival of the inner-city
 5.    Restricted development in an environmentally sensitive zone

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Match the Planning Concepts in Group –I with their Corresponding Proponents in Group –II
Group –I Group –II
P. Broadacre city 1. Le Corbusier
Q. Radiant City 2. F. L. Wright
R. Industrial Town 3. Robert Owen
S. Arcosanti 4. Henry Wright
5. Paolo Soleri

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An apple costs Rs. 10.

An onion costs Rs. 8.

Select the most suitable sentence with respect to grammar and usage.

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It takes 10 s and 15 s, respectively, for two trains travelling at different constant speeds to completely pass a telegraph post. The length of the first train is 120 m and that of the second train is 150 m. The magnitude of the difference in the speeds of the two trains (in m/s) is ___________.

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The number that least fits this set: (324, 441, 97 and 64) is ________.

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The Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burnt.

Select the word below which is closest in meaning to the word underlined above.

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M has a son Q and a daughter R. He has no other children. E is the mother of P and daughter-in-law of M. How is P related to M?

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