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171 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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A straight line is fit to a data set (ln x, y). This line intercepts the abscissa at ln x = 0.1 and has a slope of −0.02. What is the value of y at x = 5 from the fit?

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The overwhelming number of people infected with rabies in India has been flagged by the World Health Organization as a source of concern. It is estimated that inoculating 70% of pets and stray dogs against rabies can lead to a significant reduction in the number of people infected with rabies.

Which of the following can be logically inferred from the above sentences?

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Find the area bounded by the lines 3x+2y=14, 2x-3y=5 in the first quadrant.

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A flat is shared by four first year undergraduate students. They agreed to allow the oldest of them to enjoy some extra space in the flat. Manu is two months older than Sravan, who is three months younger than Trideep. Pavan is one month older than Sravan. Who should occupy the extra space in the flat.

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The velocity V of a vehicle along a straight line is measured in m/s and plotted as shown with respect to time in seconds. At the end of the 7 seconds, how much will the odometer reading increase by (in m)?

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The unit of Thermal Conductivity of a material is

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In a flat slab, the load is transferred through:

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